On-Demand Shipping startup Qikship has raised $200K Angel funds

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Noida based Logistics startup Qikship has secured $200,000 in angel funding from undisclosed investors, reports Startup media. The new funds will be used to upgrade its technology, expand operations to Gurgaon and Delhi, and to hire fresh talent. Qikship is an on demand shipping platform. It is the easiest way to send your shipments anywhere in the world on few taps of mobile app. The platform allows users to ship goods across India, by picking it up from a location convenient to the customer. It also provides live tracking through its mobile app.

Qikship Services 
1 - Standard which uses normal speed
2 - Premium which uses express speed.

Qikship hopes to accomplish on-demand shipment pickups within minutes at a better price than existing service providers.


10- 50

Gaurav Tyagi
Vikrant Pathak

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