Want to Start a Company? Then Don't Hire Your Friends

Want to Start a Company? Then Don't Hire Your Friends

When you start a business and are in need of help, it's easy to run to the nearest emotionally charged people in your life to help out- your friends and family. It's also easy, at least from an outsider's perspective, to tell you that it's a really bad idea despite the fact that it just seems so right when you're in the moment. Although there are certainly exceptions to the rule, and yes, some people figure out how to make it work effectively, the reality is that it’s fantastically challenging to hire a family member and the result of failure can affect your life well beyond that of your business.

Pain Points with Friends/relatives
1. Personal relationship are bad for business.
2. Expectation vary as they’re not your everyday employee
3. Your entire family knows more about the inside of your business
4. There will be perceived nepotism.

There are ample talented people out there in the market, seek out employees with the right skills and experience.


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