Why Apps are Important for STARTUPS ?

According to App analytic firm Flurry, average time spent per day on mobile devices is two hours, thirty-eight minutes. This is 575% increase from the twenty-four minutes spent on mobile devices per day just 3-4 years ago. Flurry finds that 80% of mobile device time is spent in apps, 20% in browser. This is good enough evidence that you want it or not your customers want you to have an app!

This rise in mobile-app usage means that smartphone apps have become a key marketing tool for companies of all sizes, including small businesses. Mobile apps increase engagement with customers. They boost repeat visits, and permit a wide variety of online transactions, including the deployment of loyalty cards, push promotions, and e-commerce transactions.  Apps deliver coupons and send announcements that build your sales with customers. Apps also accelerate contact with your company, which enhances relationships with customers in a world where speedy responses are prized by buyers. Smartphone icons even help build brands by providing a visual design that customers recognize.

In the ‘olden’ days, engaging your customers occurred from time to time, i.e. with special deal promotions or when they next visited you in person. But now, as long as you can ‘get inside’ at least one of their mobile gadgets – that’s when things get intimate! In short, this is the closest you can get to your customer. You’re with them 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, without interruption. This means that any information you wish to communicate to your customer – such as special promotions, sales, upcoming events, industry news – is right there in the palm of their hands.

Without being annoying, carefully delivered push notifications, offer almost direct interaction with your loyal customers. Push notifications are an effective way to remind your customers about your products and services, when it makes sense and they’re receptive to your engagement.

If you then add ‘geo-targeting’ (the real-time tracking of your customer’s device location when they are out and about), combined with smart push notifications - you can make magic happen!

Plus, businesses can harness customer behavior data, collected via geo-tracking, to target ad campaigns that deliver personalized ‘just-in-time’ offers. There are many opportunities and effective ways to conduct targeted marketing to your customers through your app.

Apps provide a great way to ‘stay close’ to your customers. If your customer engagement strategy is right, you’ll turn prospective buyers into revenue-generating customers.

Now’s the time to embrace mobile technology! When you make a true and sincere connection with your customers, you’ll develop a loyal fan of your products or services.

About the AuthorSadaf Khurram@SKhurram
Sadaf Khurram is a Guest writer for Startuptimes.in . Sadaf is an App developer and part of IBM Global process services.

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