For the one's who don't have a startup. And the ones who do.

I just read something someone shared about how it takes balls to startup and how one shouldn't succumb to a monotonous 9 to 5, sucking up to their bosses and living a miserable life. And then, I decided to rant.

It leaves me wondering how most of us have started to look down upon people who do 'jobs' and not startup. Not that they don't have balls. Not that they suck up to their bosses. No that they don't enjoy what they do 9-5. Before starting up, I've worked for 3 years, enjoyed everyday, learnt SO MUCH, had amazing bosses who I owe everything of what I am today, bosses who still poke me everytime I go haywire with my work now and bring me back on track and I never ever had to sell my soul to impress. Yes I was contributing someone's vision who I knew I was never going to meet, who wouldn't even know about my contribution, but the entire idea felt great! I have met so many people who do jobs that they are super happy with, people who I write mails to for appointments and look upto.

So yeah, the ones who do think you had an extra pair of balls that made you take up entrepreneurship, hold on, take a job and learn before your employees act on your advice to not work under anyone including you.

About the AuthorShruti Chaturvedi@CShruti
Shruti Chaturvedi is a startup entrepreneur, and is the Founder at Chaaipani. 

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