How to convert visitors on website to make transactions?

With the boom in the e-commerce market these days in the Indian sub-continent and new portals coming up every now & then, it is extremely important that all of them survive and make revenue and earn profits .

As & when any new portal is launched the single most important thing that becomes significant is how to market the new portal to the target audience or to be more precise to reach out to the people who will visit the portal ,like the product /services offered by them & hence make a transaction .Strong marketing is needed to create adequate brand awareness and the portals are burning cash like anything to acquire & win over customers .While marketing does the task of winning over the customers to make a transaction ,another concept or a way to convert customers which has become significant is how to reach to customers who have visited the website but not made a immediate purchase/enquiry.

Remarketing is the concept or the way by which the portal reaches out to the customers who have visited the website but not made a transaction or an enquiry as such. But how is this done !!

Remarketing is done basically by way  of placing targeted ads in front of people that had previously visited the website as they browse other websites /portal elsewhere on the internet .The ads are managed by Google that places them on web pages that accept ads placed by Google .It is an ideal tactic to convert more visitors to transact on the website  as the sales process these days are long & competitive and hence it can be a powerful tool  to improve sales conversions.

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About the AuthorSumitendra Das@dsumitendra
Sumitendra Das is a consultant at WTT. He has experience in start-ups in e-Commerce, Digital & Print Media, big format retail store operations

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