HUMIN - Successful APP startup India

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Humin, an innovative contact management app, was created by five friends who co-founded the startup together in 2012. CEO, Ankur Jain, who has worked closely with our Fueled team in the past, is the son of business executive, entrepreneur and tech pioneer, Naveen Jain. Not long ago Arielle Zuckerberg (yes, the sister to Facebook founder, Mark Zuckerberg) joined Humin as a senior project manager. Although Humin has added to their team, they still seem like a pretty tight knit group – which makes sense, since their focus is largely on interpersonal relationships.

Humin helps people to align their style of thinking with their contacts. So, instead of storing a list of contacts alphabetically, Humin helps you remember the relationship you have with that person (how you met, where you met, et cetera) as a way of helping you track that contact. It sounds unusual, and it is, but it’s also generating a lot of buzz. The first release of the app was in January, as a private beta to only 20,000 people. Some of those first beta testers include Richard Branson and ..


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