Wireless Earbuds - A solution from Startup 'Dash'

bragi dash

Before Dash invented 'BRAGI' wireless earbuds, everything was wired or wired bluetooth headsets. The idea from the founder of Dash was to get rid of cables, with a massive crowdfunding campaign Dash could deliver it's dream product. BRAGI has no wires, no power button just tap it once and it's connected to your device. When you get a phone call, you can subtly shake your head to reject it or nod slightly to accept. This is a device you’ll be interacting with, not just plugging in.

Many startups failed at the proof of concepts stage as it's hard to pack the proper wireless radios into such a tiny form factor.

What's the technology behind BRAGI wireless earphones?
It's not the Bluetooth technology, BRAGI uses a Near Field Magnetic Induction (NFMI) technology inbuilt.

Company: Dash
Product: BRAGI (wireless earbuds)
Technology: Near Field Magnetic Induction
Founder: Nikolaj Hviid


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