Most Common Monetization methods for App Developers

Many people enter the mobile arena because they’ve become infatuated with the billion-dollar success of breakout apps like WhatsApp, Vine, and Instagram. Mobile is a big deal, but that doesn’t mean it will magically lead to a big deal for you. You need to build a sustainable mobile business, not just a one-hit wonder.

If you’re an app developer or an app marketer with an ambition to make a profit from your apps you should take a deep dive to read these stats. The top monetization drivers are listed below - you can see the most common monetization methods in the infograph above.

Subscriptions -27%
General Ads - 20%
Transaction Fees - 20%
Sponshorships -9%
Add-ons - 8%
Pay-per in-app items 5%

Data by AppFigure


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