Crowdfunded Startup Spero launches e-bike

In early 2015 a team of motivated youngsters were given an assignment to design the first of the many products/solutions planned. The result has been an innovative take on an e-bicycle.

The e-bike takes advantage of regeneration, which means as you pedal the energy not only pushes you forward, but also gets stored in a battery. The e-bike also comes with a Cruise Mode, which means if you travel at a constant speed for six seconds, cruise mode takes over so that you can ride without pedaling and accelerating. Spero even gets a mobile charger, helmet holder, mobile holder and pressure indicator.

Spero is an electronic eco-friendly bike that can travel about 30 km on a single charge. The more expensive models of the bike can run up to 60 km and 100 km on a single charge. The bike has 5 gears in the electric mode and can do 0-25 kmph in 10 seconds. The best thing about the e-bike is that it charges itself as the rider pedals.

The e-bike has a target set for Rs 30 lakhs on the crowdfunding website. The bikes will be available for pre-order soon and will range from Rs 29,900 to Rs 50,000.

Startup Company - Spero Mobility and Energy Solutions P Ltd.
Founder(s) - Manikandan S , Supriya Paul
Headquarters - Coimbatore
Revenues - Rs. 66 lakh
Headcount - 15
Industry - Personal Mobility
Funding - Bootstrapped

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