Why I think its the right time for women in India to startup?

Why I think its the right time for women in India to startup?

Often young women and men reach out to me via email or Linkedin or at events asking me how did I decide to startup, whether the idea they have is worth the plunge or in some cases having just started do I think they are on the right track.

An interview I gave few months back at a BusinessWorld event captures my thoughts on entrepreneurship really well so I am posting it here. Hopefully it will help those women and men who are on the brink of taking the decision - to startup or not to startup. Do indeed decide to Startup and create something Unique of Value. The video addresses topics such as - "women in tech", "are startups for Indian women", "what are India specific challenges faced while starting up", "what sectors are ripe for innovation in India", etc.

One key message I have for all aspiring entreprenurs
The confidence and passion that - "this is how this problem must be solved" and "this is why I am the best person in the world to solve this"; must come from within. Without that internal conviction its very hard to startup and sustain. Everything else - family support, finding a team, building the MVP, raising money is secondary. If you dont have the belief that you can do it, then there is no way you will be able to do it!

About the AuthorUpasana Taku@UTaku
Upasana Taku is the Co-founder of Mobikwik and looks after Partnerships, Finance & Talent Acquisition.

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