Twitter is an incredible tool to get more leads.
You might be thinking, “how can I get leads with Twitter? Is Twitter even suitable for businesses?”
Heck yes it is!
Can I prove it?
Sure can. Here are some data to back it up:
– 66% of customers have discovered a new small or medium-sized business (SMB) on Twitter
– 94% plan to purchase from the SMBs they follow
– 69% bought from an SMB because of something they saw on Twitter
Still not convinced? Let me tell you, as someone who’ve been on Twitter for a long time, I’ve bought my share of things based on tweets I’ve read and have subscribed to many businesses through my interaction with them and the tweets I’ve read.
So, without further ado, let’s talk about how to get leads with Twitter!

1. Build a targeted Twitter audience
There’s no avoiding this step. If you want to get leads with Twitter, you absolutely have to make sure you’re building a targeted Twitter following.
As I shared earlier, 94% of customers plan to purchase from the SMBs they follow. That is IF you’re connecting with the right people.
If you don’t, you’ll only be promoting your tweets to people who aren’t interested in what you have to offer – not a great strategy.
So how do you grow a targeted Twitter following? By following the people you want as customers.
One effective method is to follow people who are tweeting and retweeting about a topic relevant to your business. This is because these users are your target market – these are the leads you want! I talk about this in my blog post on how I grew a following on a zero budget.
To take things to the next level, I recommend automating this process. Following manually will take you a lot of time so I would only recommend that if you are on zero budget. Automating this process will allow you more time to focus on other important tasks, like engaging with all your new follower!
This tactic works because people are likely to follow you back if your tweets are aligned with their interest.
I recommend Social Quant as a tool you must have in your toolkit. What differentiates Social Quant from other tools is their proprietary algorithm that targets the best prospects for your business.

2. Know the 3P of marketing
If you follow my work, you know I’m all about the 3Ps of marketing. They are essential for every social media platform.
The 3Ps of marketing are:
– Purpose: Tweets that adds value to your followers
– Personal: Personal tweets about you and your business.
– Promotional: Tweets that sells, sells, sells.
You see, people don’t follow businesses because they want to be sold to. Give your followers something that they can learn from, earn their trust, and  eventually they will buy. Add personality to your tweets to connect with your audience.
In fact, just a few days ago I purchased from a company after seeing their tweets and reading one of their blog posts.
Understand the 3Ps then find a ratio of your tweets that that fits the 3Ps and works for you.

3. Launch a contest
Okay, who doesn’t love contests?
NO ONE! Everyone loves a contest! The best part about contests is they require (or should) entrants to share their email.
With third party platforms like Wishpond, you can easily create entry forms that require users to give you their email address to participate.
Contests just work!
I know for sure because I used to work for a company that does contest platforms. Many businesses saw significant results from using them.
Plus you can introduce a viral component. People are likely to tweet and retweet if they know it will double their chances of winning your contest. Photo contests will make people want to share on social media even more (especially Twitter).

4. Utilize Twitter ads
Twitter ads are a great way to generate more leads. They allow you to focus on your target market and get in front of them instantly.
But before you go out and start creating ads, start doing some diligence in preparation.
I found this blog post by adespresso incredible useful. In their blog post, they analyzed over 7,700 Twitter ads.
Here’s the summary of their findings:
– Almost all Twitter ads use an image
– Mentions aren’t popular In Twitter ads
– Using just one hashtag in Twitter ads is most effective
– The most popular number used in Twitter ads is 5

5. Respond to tweets quickly
As a social media manager for many years, I found this trick to WORK.
If someone mentions your brand on Twitter, make sure that you respond to the tweet ASAP.
It doesn’t matter if it’s positive or negative. Answer it as soon as you see it.
People love it when businesses respond to them quickly. It shows that they are heard, that you care, and it shows appreciation for your followers (potential or current customers).
The best type of tweets are when people are comparing your product with your competitors. That’s a golden opportunity just soft-balled in to you –  definitely be the one to respond to these tweets first.

6. Tweet relevant people about your product
For some, this approach may be spammy. However, if you’re short on time and want to increase leads, this method can work for you.
What you can do is tweet relevant people about your business, product or service. The key is making sure you’re varying those tweets and not sending the exact same one over and over.
Check out these tweets for an instance. It’s a great example of what I mean.
Noticed how he’s tweeting so many people? He changes it up, so it looks different. If I were him, I would spin it 20-30 different ways. What I’ll do next is tweet each personally, use their name and say something like:
@askaaronlee Hey Aaron, we’ve created a new _____ that ________.
That way it looks more personalized and, most importantly, human.
You might be thinking, does this method work?
Here are some of the responses he got.
Not bad! The best part is it cost him nothing.

7. Include a Call To Action in your bio
People are visiting your profile, folks! And if you’re following relevant people, they’re going to read your bio. It’s just how it works, they see the have a new follower in their notifications and it’s just natural for them to cruise on over to your profile and check you out.
Think about what will interest your target market, then GIVE it to them for free.
Give away eBooks, samples, etc. Find out what your customers want. If you don’t know what they want, ask your current subscribers and find out what they want. Create a short survey to find out. Compile what you learned and give that away.
Offer something exclusive or compelling. Add a call to action in your bio, and boom!
This method will work better than the usual ‘subscribe to my blog here’ method that I see many do.

8. Pin your tweets to the top
If you follow my blog posts here, you’ve probably heard me say this a gazillion times. Pin your tweets to the top.
Remember, people are visiting your Twitter profile. When they do, the first thing they are going to see is your first tweet. Just like in step 7, you can offer them something of value for free – well, in exchange for their email address of course.

9. Start a blog to compliment Twitter
Recently I wrote on Mark’s blog on how to become an influencer. In the post, I spoke about the need for a blog to add substance to what you’re doing.
Mark calls this “rich content.”
Just having a Twitter account isn’t going to cut it. You need to continue to add value. That’s what I learned after creating my Short of Height brand from scratch. Twitter is only limited to 140 characters and that’s not enough. With a blog you can provide long-form posts that provide true value and establish you as an industry expert that people will want to do business with.
Creating a blog allows you to share in-depth. Like this article that you’re reading. When people like what you’re reading, they are more likely to subscribe to what you have to offer because they’ll want more.
It’s pretty simple. Give them what the value they want, and they will give you what you want.

Source: Aron Lee


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