Arnab Goswami

Arnab Goswami ,the most outspoken journalist of current times put the entire nation in shock when he announced his exit from Times Now. Arnab’s ‘Newshour’ debates on TimesNow TV have been quite controversial but extremely popular among the people. His supporters were upset with him leaving the high-rated primetime show and are eagerly waiting for him to make a return.

Arnab has announced that he is returning shortly with a new venture called REPUBLIC. He recently shared his thoughts on HOW HE IS GOING TO DISRUPT THE MEDIA? with his 'independent media. Here are those 7 disruptors that Arnab wants to use it to change the conventional outdated media.

The reason we covered this story is we like disruptors and we consider REPUBLIC as media startup

DISRUPT #1  Ask the Toughest questions to the most important persons
At the most the worse outcome would be the person may not give an interview next time.

DISRUPT #2  Don't believe in Neutrality. Don't be Neutral
Neutrality is a 17th century outdated concept, media is not a wikipedia to present both sides of a story, or act like a town crier.

DISRUPT #3  Doorstep Politicians & VVIP's
Media shouldn't play safe anymore, time has come to take chances.

DISRUPT #4  What is News & What is not News ?
Who decides the order of priority of News ? Why Politics , External Affairs on First Page or Headlines?

DISRUPT #5 Pin Prick in Society for a sustained time

Debate on a subject consistently over a period of time if you want to see a change.

DISRUPT #6 Persistence & Tenacity
It's all in the name of the story that you cover. Go to the nub of the story, dont be subtle , be direct with people in power.

DISRUPT #7 Stop creating HolyCows in the Nation
Why shouldn't a Parliamentarian who was once a Legend Cricketer be asked questions on his attendance?

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