A Startup that allows you to report sexual harassments

sexual harassment app

Stories of sexual harassment and abuse of power in Silicon Valley and Hollywood have left many people questioning what can be done to make speaking up easier across all industries. Even before Harvey Weinstein kicked off this wave of actual consequences for sexual assault and harassment, Claire Schmidt was thinking about how to create a platform that would help victims.

Schmidt, who up through this week was vice president of technology and innovation at Twentieth Century Fox, on Tuesday launched the startup AllVoices. The web platform will let people anonymously report their experiences of sexual harassment at work, and will in turn aggregate that data to give companies insights on the true scale of the problem.

It's a much-needed third option for victims of sexual harassment besides making their experiences public through litigation or in the press. For victims of harassment whose harassers aren't high-profile enough to warrant news coverage, a platform like this is basically the only other option besides taking legal action.

"Employees are still really scared to report harassment at work," Schmidt said. "CEOs and boards don't have the data and they don't have the transparency to fully understand the scale of the problems happening in their organizations."

"I realized I could build a platform that would help solve both of those problems at the same time," she added.

The web platform—not an app, to maximize security and anonymity—asks specific questions so that the data can be sent to employers at an aggregate level. Individuals can share the nature of their experience—whether they dealt with sexual advances, uncomfortable jokes or comments, physical or verbal offenses—and if they think the harassment was based on any part of their identity, including gender, race, age, and disability.

Individuals also share whether they're a full-time employee, whether they worked with a company's employees as a client or outside partner, or whether they were a startup pitching someone at another firm. Bystanders are also able to report harassment they saw happen to someone else.


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